in healthy fashion – TAKE RESPONSIBILITY

Lesson 1: Take Responsibility For Your Health.

Before we go far into this whole health journey, let’s take it back to basics ūüėČ

In the beginning, God gave mankind Responsibility –¬†to rule over the earth and subdue it. That was before any rules, or sin, or the 10 commandments etc. Genesis 1:27-29 “…be fruitful & multiply, have dominion over the earth…” ¬†

We were designed to be responsible, therefore we are happiest when we have taken responsibility and done something with it.

Yes – Responsibility, whose¬†arch-enemy is Irresponsibility (defined as “when we don’t take responsibility for the things we are responsible for” by¬†Andy Stanley ūüėČ )

Ask yourself truthfully; “Have I been taking responsibility for my Health?… Really?” Here’s a few things about irresponsibility that we have to be wary of;

1. We live in an era, culture & society that is becoming less and less responsible; a culture where irresponsibilty is infact, ¬†celebrated (eeek!). It’s almost cool to be irresponsible. Think junk food, drive throughs, fad diets, ‘get skinny quick without lifiting a finger’ gadgets, binge drinking, over-eating etc. Irresponsibility is contagious too; when we see others getting away with it, and enjoying the ‘rewards’ of it, we too can be tempted to join in and thus do some serious harm to our bodies in the long run.

2. Irresponsibility is neither neutral nor individual Рone of the best kept secrets about it is that it impacts those connected to us, (sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly). Think health issues for example; doing harm to our bodies by not taking proper care can leave our loved ones carrying the burden of things that we no longer have the strength / energy  / fitness to do, or having to incur medical expenses which could have otherwise been avoided through a more responsible and healthy lifestyle (this excludes those born with health issues of course, or those who got health issues through no fault of their own).

3. Let’s not kid ourselves – more often than not, irresponsibility is impossible to see in the mirror. The funny thing is we can see it is SOOO clearly in others – and yet it’s all around us. Looking healthy doesn’t mean you ARE – you could be very unfit due to an unhealthy lifestyle even though you are within the healthy weight range. Remember, weight is NOT the only indicator.

Something To Think About:

We were created to handle responsibility, We are our happiest when we successfully and effectively handle responsibilty. ¬†Therefore, let’s be a bit more proactive with our health – Let’s start by honestly confronting ourselves (regardless of our weight range). ¬†“HAVE I BEEN TAKING RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY HEALTH.. really?”

I’d love to say 8 glasses or a litre of water – but hey, let’s be realistic & take baby steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day ūüėČ Try to build up your water intake over time.

This has been my interpretation of Andy Stanley’s podcast called “Taking Responsibility for Your Life”.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional & this is NOT a weight-loss section. This is about having a healthy attitude towards our bodies and living the healthy, abundant life God intended for us to live.