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Lesson 2: Acknowledge & Own Your Part In The Mess

Last week we learned about taking responsibility for our health. One of the vital ways to start on that journey is to stop the blame game, acknowledge and own our part in the bad health that we are in. Yes, bad things happen to good people – but let’s not let those bad things defeat us by harming ourselves just because we had an unpleasant situation to deal with. And by ‘harm’ in this context I am referring to over-eating (& under-exercising) or under-eating (& over-exercising). Both extremes are harmful and not what God intended for us as freedom.

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Irresponsibility will always cause conflict – Last week we learnt that; wherever we shift our responsibility away from our own health & well-being, someone else has to pick up the slack.

This week we will look at this from a different angle. More often than not, we become irresponsible with our health because “we are victims” in our own minds. We often blame people, situations for causing us to act a certain way towards our health. i.e in this case irresponsibility leads to blame, which always creates conflict. This all becomes one vicious cycle because where there’s blame – shame and guilt reside in that place too.

As we experience this relational conflict, let us think about this: “What’s my part in this? Have I taken responsibility for my life, really? … or am I enjoying the blame game so much that it has allowed and empowered me to ignore what my ultimate responsibility towards my own body is?”

healthy lifestyleLet’s not blame anyone for the fact that we are not taking care of our bodies / or eating correctly as this will not solve anything. It will just keep ENABLING us to do harm to ourselves. We matter very much to God, so please… let’s value ourselves enough to say “my body deserves better than the attitude I have towards it at this moment”…and start acting accordingly.

If we acknowledge and own our part in all this, we can make progress… but if we focus on others and blame them for being the root cause, then there will just be chaos (and where there is chaos, there is strife and no real freedom).

Something To Think About:

Am I taking responsibility for my life? Be proactive and honest with yourself.

“Live as free men, but do not use your freedom as a cover up for evil…” 1 Peter 2:16
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Have a great week!

Based on Andy Stanley’s podcast called “Taking Responsibility for Your Life”.

Disclaimer: I am not a health professional & this is NOT a weight-loss section. This is about having a healthy attitude towards our bodies and living the healthy, abundant life God intended for us to live