Image Consulting / Personal Styling Defined

what-is-a-fashion-stylist_what-does-a-personal-stylist-do_what-is-image-consulting_personal-branding-definedWhat Is A Personal Stylist, An Image Consultant?

A personal stylist, also known as an image consultant, personal shopper or wardrobe consultant, is a stylist who provides private image related services for individuals / corporations through coaching, presentations, seminars, workshops, one on one consultations etc. We educate clients about general fashion apparel and accessories.


This is carried out through evaluating our clients’ physical attributes, lifestyle, personality, skin tone, fashion style etc in order to make recommendations on which fashion choices will help the client achieve and maintain their desired image. As Personal Stylists, we may often shop for clients and pick out items that suit the client’s image.


Our main aim is to empower our clients to develop their own look rather than dressing them in our own preferred style.

Skills and Strengths Involved in Image Consulting, Personal Styling

Professionals in this line of work have a keen fashion sense that is paired with an equally strong ability to recognize the desires and individuality of their clients.


A personal stylist knows how to help clients choose outfits and accessories to compliment body type and sense of individuality. It is our job as personal stylists to help clients figure out what “look” they desire, and then help them achieve it. For example;  an IT genius with one pair of torn jeans looking to dress for an interview, a top executive with a desire to look the part or even a politician who’s after a new image; all these people might seek help from an image consultant. So too, might anybody wanting to re-discover, revamp their style or even create a new look altogether. It is 2013 after all 😉

It is not enough for an image consultant / stylist to only be “good at shopping” or to just “be stylish”. What people want is style, but unfortunately most people can only style / dress people like themselves … which is not what it’s about. Image Consulting / Personal Styling is an art,  as well as being about interpersonal skills.


n.b Someone might be trendy or even stylish, but most often, they are only able to dress themselves; therefore don’t mistake trendy people for stylists (funny enough, this is a very common misconception). If you are going to spend money on an image or a style make-over, you are better off seeking a professional stylist.


Real Image Consulting, Personal Styling is  about finding out how the client wants to look, then delivering that look to them.

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“Fashion changes, but style endures.” said Coco. …So, why not make this your best year by discovering your true style & learning to beautifully express yourself without having to say a word…

As for the lady on the left, I feel like she wanted to add this to her statement “…but then again life’s too short to save great outfits for the future.” 😉

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