i’m who – HE SAYS…

colourful fashion

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved…” Col 3:12

It’s an issue most of us have, at one point or another. It’s the quest to find out who we are and where we belong in this big, vast universe. It’s called identity. Unfortunately most of us end up seeking it in the wrong places; letting people and ‘things’ define us. I must say, it is awfully hard to find out and be at peace with who you are without going to manufacturer himself; i.e God and the instruction manual i.e His Word.

In God’s eyes we are dearly loved, more than we’ll ever know. We are the apple of His eye. Therefore, let us stop being harsh on ourselves and letting people and ‘things’ define us. We can’t be quantified in God’s eyes. We are much more than that.

Let us dig deeper this month and find all the colours and hues that our awesome Creator has put in us… and let’s paint our individual worlds so others can appreciate the glory & beauty of God – Reflected through us embracing and reflecting everything He says we are. Dearly Loved & created in His amazing image.

I am who God says I am. Who are you?

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