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Shoot Location: HAMILTON ISLAND, Australia

I AM JUST A GIRL – Have you ever felt like a little girl in a grown up’s body? You know, like you are 32 going on 13? You have? Phew! I thought I was the only one! This whole grown up thing is just a bit hard to grasp. What is it to be an adult anyway? Is it to have a job? Be married? Have children? What if you tick all those boxes but deep down you still feel like a child? A child who’s just faking this whole ‘adulting’ thing? A child who is overwhelmed by all the responsibilities on their plate. A child who does not feel like they measure up to…. or does not feel good enough to… (You complete those sentences – we do all have our qualms, right?)

Well, recently I had a listen to a podcast called I AM JUST A GIRL by Holly Furtick. Actually it was a sermon, but hey… The thing is, I usually listen to these podcasts at night after I’ve had to put the baby back to sleep. They do help me fall asleep quickly. But this was one of those that caused me to sit up and listen, all ears. Because Ms Holly had hit the nail on the head. Sometimes, you think you have all these feelings by yourself, and then you realize someone else has gone through exactly how are you are feeling. It’s like… EUREKA! Lol, dramatics aside, there’s nothing like that feeling of being understood COMPLETELY! Especially when it comes to topics and themes we feel like we ought to have mastered already e.g. Growing up. Yes, I am pretty sure by the time you hit your third decade in life, you are expected to have this whole growing up thing down pat, you know what I’m saying?

Sadly some of us FEEL like we still don’t have it perfected. We just don’t feel like adults. Don’t misunderstand, I am not talking about being irresponsible e.t.c. You may be doing all the right grown up looking things, but deep down still feeling like a child. It could be because of those lovely judgemental people idiots in your life who have always made you feel like you are ‘not enough’, or maybe your own voice in your head just because you’ve seen how Mrs Perfect’s life is so flawless on Instagram, or another completely different set of reasons. Whatever it is my beautiful darling, always remember – that voice that keeps hammering these things into your spirit, whether it’s an audible uninvited one or the quiet voice in your head; that is definitely NOT The Voice of God. Definitely not His Style.

God never tears us down. He only builds us up. Sure, He disciplines us too, but in a constructive way. The evil one will tear you down though. Don’t be fooled, he knows your weaknesses and what hurts the most. And He will unashamedly use your loved ones to break you down. Imagine. Tsk tsk.

That being said, feelings of insecurity, overwhelm, feeling unequipped are normal. It is just how you deal with them that can either build you or be your undoing. It’s OK to feel like you are just a girl, especially when the world looks at you and assumes you’ve got it all together, when you haven’t. As long as you are a girl who is obedient to God’s ways in your life. A girl who trust Him even when every ounce of her being is like does God really exist? A girl who dares to believe all those ridiculously HUGE dreams God places in her heart. A girl who continuously cultivates a relationship with God because she understands only in Him, she has her being. So what if you feel like you are just a girl? Just be that girl, the one who will never get too fancy or too lowly to be used by God.

‘For in him we live and move and have our being.’ Acts 17:28

The real question is… are you going to let God use you to be a blessing to a hurting world despite how feel about yourself? Coz at the end of the day, obedience trumps everything. Yes, EVERYTHING! I even wrote a post about it here. But before you go to that one, have a listen to Ms Holly below as she puts this whole grown up business in a more eloquent way than Yours Truly. Love you and let’s convene again soon. For more encouragement and inspiration, click here.

If this video doesn’t comply, you can watch it here….

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