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One of the great signs of ageing is making some seriously ridiculous style decisions, such as wearing gold from head to toe! I recently watched a documentary on a Virgin flight from Sydney, with the title ‘Advanced Style’. Basically what it did was highlight and examine the lives of seven stylish New Yorkers whose unique (and somewhat flamboyant) personal style and lively spirit have guided their approach to ageing. It was pretty interesting to hear about style from people who’ve lived through at least 7 decades. A lot of wisdom indeed. But at the end of the day the message was the same: Take what God has given you, and mine all the gold out of it. This of course can be achieved by being yourself, and daring to be the best version of that. If that means being flamboyantly dressed in orange feathers, so be it! Life is too short to be a ‘mass-produced clone’ of the so-called trend-setters of this world. The fact that something is called a trend, that means it’s not here to stay, so find your style and stick with it. Forget about what so and so is wearing. Dare to be different, but most importantly dare to be yourself, in a world full of copies and imitators.

As for the title of this blog – How to Wear Gold; well, the trick is to not overthink it. Sure, gold is a bit of an ‘out there’ colour but it needs not be such a head scratcher. If I was to suggest colours to pair it with on the spot, black would definitely be right there at the top. In this look I had an easy choice because my gold already had a black base to it. So it ended up just being black and gold, which of course, is usually a glorious match made in heaven! Gold has some earthy, natural underlying hues so it tends to go easy with Autumn’y colours like brown, green, orange and yellow (even though the last 2 are better off as accessories especially when presented with a large piece of gold such as the one pictured here). You know, just so you don’t blind the people of the world 😉

Anyway, this look was simple with a black pair of leggings and a gold pair of heels. My apologies for not getting the full head to toe. It was never meant to turn into a photo shoot, but what’do you know! Hope you liked it, and we hope to bump into you on the streets turning it up in some ridiculously amazing ensembles!

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Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //   Styling: Miranda (   //   HOW TO WEAR GOLD

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