top-melbourne-fashion-blogs_pink-lipstick_model-who-blog, houndstooth-dress_what-is-houndstooth_stylish-pregnant-women-25Houndstooth. One of those classic prints that will never go out of style. I especially adore it in cute 60s style mini dresses, that’s why it was love at first sight with this number from Trade Secret. The leather jacket effortlessly added some hardcore style, and those amazing cut-out heels were a vital addition to the whole look. In freezing weather like now, just add stockings and a pretty day bag and you are good to go. Definitely looking forward to wearing this dress after the baby comes. In the meantime, pop into your nearest Trade Secret store and be amazed by the savings and designer brands they carry.

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Houndstooth Dress, Cut-out heels & Leather Jacket available at: www.tradesecret.com.au (in store only, not online).

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Model: Miranda  //  Photography & Artwork: Stylegallivanter.com  //  Creative Direction & Styling: Sakhino.com  //  Sponsored Post