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Hot Sauce In My Bag Swag

LOCATION: Lisbon, Portugal

Lol, I always find it amusing when I talk to people and they tell me things like ‘I wish I was as confident as you are…’ or  ‘do you ever have days when you look bedraggled?’ etc. Lol honey, you don’t want to know the half of it! As flattering as those comments are, let’s be real for one moment. You will not see me bedraggled on instagram because I don’t put those kind’a photos on my feed. I don’t see the point. Those played out hashtags like ‘no make-up selfies’… hahaha, not for me. I have nothing to prove. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have makeup on 24/7, neither am I too insecure to let people see me sans cake on my face. In fact, there are probably pictures of me without makeup but you’ll never know because I am either wearing sunnies or you know, I don’t scream it out to the world. Why am I telling you all this? Because I don’t wan’t to mislead, or make people feel like their lives or looks suck. In fact, I probably wear makeup 20% of the week, at the most. When I am going to church or doing photo-shoots. There there. Now you know my deep, dark secret.

I won’t lie, when I saw these pictures after the shoot we did, I was pleasantly surprised, because it was one of those rushed and unplanned sessions where a 10 minute opportunity to shoot presented itself and I just had to work with what I had. My hair was neither in that nice defined curly  nor  elegantly straightened state. In fact it was somewhere between bedraggled bed hair (not the sexy type), and hot mess dreadlocks. But you know, I just untied the beast, fluffed it out with my hands and let it run wild! I figured, surely if God gave me this hair, it must be the best look for me. That’s how I encourage myself when I feel insecure about something. Mmhhh. Yes, we all have those days. It all depends on the outlook you choose a second after those type of thoughts. I always choose to look up, to The One who knew best when He made me. That’s what changes my perspective all the time. Because, sometimes you won’t have a team of ego boosters telling you how marvellous and wonderful you look, so you just have to learn to silently or even audibly  encourage yourself. The truth is, you can do wonders with what God gave you. (P.S. I am referring to everything in your life, not just hair). And with the people God has given you right this moment. Stop crying over those who walked out. And no, they are not haters. Sometimes their season / and work in your life is over. So you just need to look ahead and keep it moving. So straighten your back and chin up princess, a wonky crown is never a good look.

On the style note: I am a great fan of jumpsuits. Except when my bladder is full, but then again that’s a minor detail I am willing to overlook if the jumpsuit in question is popping! Such a this little number, in my favourite shade of green (which I prefer to call as green as it gets). This green gives me life! Literally. It makes me feel like a soldier and a king all at the same time. And it’s definitely complimentary on my skin tone. Plus this suit doesn’t give that infamous ‘long booty’ that jumpsuits tend to dish out. A great pair of sunnies and my tried and tested pair of orange heels was all that was needed to complete this rather simple but stunning ensemble. Not forgetting The Mane Attraction; i.e. that big hair which I initially thought was a hot mess. It turned out it was the exact thing I needed to transform this look from 100% legit to hot sauce in my bag swag! What’ y’all think?
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Model: Miranda   //   Photography: Andrew Kibuka (   //   Hot Sauce In My Bag SWAG

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