dreaming OUT LOUD

top fashion blogs australia, beach wear, beach throw ons, cover upsThey say once you have a baby, you learn a lot about God. Well, whoever they are, are right on the money. So today my precious little baby laughed (out loud) for the very first time. What a joy it was to hear that sound… And continually too, as I kept on on amusing her with my witty antics ;p See, the thing is, she has smiled since week 2, and soon after that, started chuckling and laughing only in her sleep. It was always a joy to see her laughing in lala land but how I wished for the day she’d do it for the first time awake!

Anyway, as I sit here, my heart exploding with joy, I think of how similar we are with God. How He has put all these hope and dreams in us that He doesn’t want to remain just hopes and dreams. See the thing is, my little girl didn’t have to be taught to laugh, the ability to consciously laugh out loud was always in her… it was just a matter of when. It is the same with all those dreams, God has invested all that we need (in us) to see them come true. And what joy it must be to The Father when make our dreams a reality!

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