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Being very particular about and overprotective of my skin, I tend to stay away from facials and body massages. Well, at least that was until I heard of Amara Wellness Centre. All their treatments are radiofrequency free, infra-red free, non-invasive and 100% organic. Yes, they definitely had me at ‘non-invasive’. From the moment I walked into this luxurious place,  I immediately felt like I was in Turkey. The amazing decor,  relaxing aromas and just the whole feel of the place transported me very far from Melbourne. Now, what girl doesn’t love a ticket-free & jet-lag free overseas trip? 😉

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With my friend Ramzy, we met the lovely Dr Zara Celik, who is the mastermind behind this amazing wellness centre. Boasting state of the art technology and a high end clientele, Amara is definitely reasonably priced for what you get. Yes, great value for money. I got a Lipomassage which basically is an all over body and skin massage that you can read about in detail here. This was followed by an endermorlift face treatment, which Ramzy also enjoyed, as can be seen below.

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Being an ‘instant results’ kind’a girl, I was pleased to feel the difference in my skin immediately afterwards – as well as witness the blood rushing to Ramzy’s face during his facial giving him rosy cheeks ;). And yes, I  got to wear this sexy white catsuit (above)  for my lipomassage which left my skin feeling like a newborn’s bottom  and me feeling  relaxed enough to want to sleep. One small but important thing – every client gets to keep their suit (take it home and bring it for the next session). Hygiene to the max – gotta love that!

I encourage you to check out the Amara Wellness Website as they cater for everything from muscle injuries to beauty treatments and more. I am definitely looking forward to trying out their Hammam treatment next time I visit. In the meantime, I’ll be in my house prancing around and in my white catsuit, pretending to be catwoman…. 😉

Photography:  //  All other pictures courtesy of Amara Wellness Centre  //  Sponsored Post