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Photographer-andrew-kibuka_BLACK-CANVAS_STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM_melbourneWhenever I am faced with a monotone situation, I just can’t help myself but go all out with what I love to do the most; bedazzle with colour! (Can I get an AMEN.) Anyway, to me wearing the same colour from head to toe simply presents a blank canvas, which means I can be the artiste and put my signature splashes on there. I see it more like the night sky, and we all know a few stars and constellations here and there get the party started. In this case, my canvas is black, making the possibilities endless! From a modernized version of a turban, curly earrings, and reflective sunglasses, to colourful rings, a chunky bracelet and a statement neck piece worn in a preppy chic kind’a way.  The singlet underneath serves the purpose of connecting the turban and breaking up the black between these shattered jeans and the shirt dress. I say shattered because these are torn jeans on the next level. That being said, we did make sure they came across in a classy manner of course, which is always the main priority for us. Hope you dig it. (So old school, do people still say that? LOL) And how do you like the backdrop? Beautiful flowers springing up in the middle of rocks… reminds of this post I did a while ago – Growing out of a hard place.
Photographer-andrew-kibuka_flower-in-the-desert_top-african-bloggers-2015_paris-street-style_top-stylists-melbourne-15 Photographer-andrew-kibuka_flower-in-the-desert_top-african-bloggers-2015_paris-street-style_top-stylists-melbournePhotographer-andrew-kibuka_flower-in-the-desert_top-african-bloggers-2015_paris-street-style_top-stylists-melbourne-8Photographer-andrew-kibuka_flower-in-the-desert_top-african-bloggers-2015_paris-street-style_top-stylists-melbourne-4 Photographer-andrew-kibuka_flower-in-the-desert_top-african-bloggers-2015_paris-street-style_top-stylists-melbourne-19 Photographer-andrew-kibuka_flower-in-the-desert_top-african-bloggers-2015_paris-street-style_top-stylists-melbourne-14 Photographer-andrew-kibuka_flower-in-the-desert_top-african-bloggers-2015_paris-street-style_top-stylists-melbourne-12Photographer-andrew-kibuka_flower-in-the-desert_top-african-bloggers-2015_paris-street-style_top-stylists-melbourne-9

Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //    Styling: Miranda (    //  BLACK CANVAS – Head to Toe Black Fashion Trends

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