has your salvation – REACHED YOUR MOUTH?

“Has your salvation reached you mouth? If not, get them lips on the altar.” says Joyce Meyer, & we couldn’t agree more!

More often than not we speak without thinking or filtering our words. And I’m not talking about profanities. I am talking about speaking the right words into our lives and the lives of those around us. It is not easy, but it’s a decision all of us as individuals have to make. You have to ask God to help because no one can do it on their own.

And did you know that how we talk in the wilderness (i.e in our trials and tribulations) partially determines how long we are going to stay there. Complain and remain, praise and be raised. Together, let’s all try something new; next time you go through a trial / challenge, try to go through it without saying anything negative.

One other thing to realize is that your words affect not only your level of joy, but of those around you. i.e Words are like containers – they carry creative or distructive power. Be accountable for the words that you say, for you can bless people with what you say, or curse them. The power of life & death is in the tongue.

Try that this week. Be aware of the things that come out of your mouth & edit where necessary.

Have a great week!