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When Father’s Day Tried to Steal My Thunder

Sure, my birthday tends to fall around a time when there’s other celebrations, and¬†it usually coincides with the Queen’s birthday. A bit of background; in the Victorian State of Australia, the second Monday of June is always the Queen’s birthday. Yes, because the Queen was born on a Monday ūüėČ LOL, no… not really. Aussies have it then so they can have a day off work. Yes, shockingly enough this is a public holiday. I must say¬†it was pretty amusing to move to the UK and find out the Queen’s birthday is not even a public holiday here. These guys should feel robbed. Anyway,¬†this just goes to show how Australia totes rocks!! Another interesting fact is that the Queen’s real birthday is on April 21st (correct me if I am wrong). But hey, who’s complaining? Anything for a public holiday… right? Right.¬†Well, not that I mind sharing because me, having a birthday on the Queen’s birthday,¬†is as fitting as can be. Yaaas, because I am Royal with a capital R (and clearly not ashamed to say it).

So this time around, I am in a country¬†where Father’s day is in June and just happened to fall on my birthday; as opposed to the normal September Father’s day that I am used to (in Australia). I won’t lie, my heart kind’a sank for a few seconds when I realized Father’s day 2016 was going to be on my birthday. No, I don’t hate Fathers or Father’s day. I just felt like it was somehow going to hijack my birthday. Yes, some of us have dramatic minds. But then I thought… hmmm, imagine having a birthday on Christmas. LOL, you know what I mean? Anyway, when I got my heart off the floor and pondered upon¬†it, I realized what an honour this is, i.e. to be celebrated on the same day as the heroes of our society. The ones who keep going even when they want to fall apart. The ones who are shaping all those little girls and modelling for them the kind of men they should marry in the future. The ones teaching those little boys how to treat a woman like a queen. Yes, Fathers are the best! And I am one of those girls who was blessed enough to have amazing father figures and just respectable men in my life, period. My grandfather was the epitome of flawlessness. I know that’s not realistic, but yes, in my eyes He was the perfect reflection of God. My¬†dad was that King in my castle that made me believe I was a princess without even having to say it. He passed away when I was about five… but those first 5 years tremendously shaped everything that I turned out to be. And I reckon I turned out pretty good. My husband of course is the best dad ever, and it’s awesome to witness him growing in his new role as a great father¬†everyday.

But of course as awesome as all these perfect father figures were /are, there is one who surpasses them all. God. Yes, God. And guess what, He is available to all but still loves each and everyone of us as if there was only one of us. He is the Father to the fatherless, the great provider. Whether or not you had amazing father figures in your life РGod is always there for you. He loves you more than you will ever know, and would more than love to be invited to be  part of your everyday life. Just something to think about.

Have a great day and Happy Father’s Day 2016!

Photography: Miranda (StyleGallivanter.com) ¬† // ¬† Model: BunnyBear &¬†Daddy Bear ¬† // ¬†Father’s Day 2016

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