growing out of A HARD PLACE


Yesterday I saw a plant just like this one growing out of a concrete pavement. The environment was certainly not conducive for the little plant to flourish in – but it was very much alive. That’s when I realised what growing out of a hard place looked like. Most times we wish our troubles away and have a 1000 excuses why things will not work out (I know I do) – but do pause and allow this little plant to remind you of this truth – whenever God plants you in a hard place, He also provides a crack in the system for you to get some light from the sun and flourish. You might not see it yet, but it looks so much more beautiful to a passer-by when you are there – being that little flicker of hope, full of life in what would otherwise be categorised as a dead place.

He is the God of the impossible and the ‘never been done before’. Whether or not we accept that, doesn’t change that fact. Have a great 2014 and know the hard places are there so you can defy the odds and grow – while giving others hope (yes, many are watching).

From my heart to yours, with love. xx

Picture Source: The World Wide Web.