grey’zed and – CHILLING

Ok, so I love jeans. In every shape and colour. Why? They are convenient, they are easy, most importantly – they are timeless, (oh, and they do qualify as an NNI – depending on how stretchy they are of course ;)). Needless to say, I wear jeans more than any other piece of clothing in my wardrobe. So, the challenge is always finding new ways to step up my game so as to avoid looking too casual and too … normal.

For these grey skinny jeans, I enlisted the help of a cute leopard print top and a neutral coloured trilby hat. Intentionally, I kept all the colours ‘quiet’ ¬†just for a different look (a huge deviation from my usual ‘colour burst’). The result was effortlessly cool! Loved it! I did cheat a little though & snuck in just a smidgen of colour with those fabulous pink and gold earrings :p

This is definitely one ensemble to repeat very soon & what a cute little top! (a present from my friend Joanne Tan ;)). I hope I did it some justice. But In the meantime, you…