grey at DUSK

(c)-stylegallivanter.com_miranda-sakhino_mummy-bloggers-melbourne_top-fashion-publishers-australia_african-fashion-blogs-australia-8I used to have a fear of wearing white pants or any pants close to white… but once I learnt that creating the right visuals of my silhouette was all it took (regardless of whether I am having a fat or skinny day), I jumped onto that band wagon. Anyway, in this pictorial, we are featuring a wide-leg pair of grey pants, which have buttons to taper them at the bottom. A gorgeous vertically-printed flowy top, and big hair that creates an illusion of height. Yep, sometimes you gotta use all you got 😉 It’s a simple everyday look that is fun and comfortable without losing the stylish element. Of coz, I just had to throw in a pair of diva sunglasses in there coz that’s just how I roll. How do you do your simple looks? Hair style (how to) video can be viewed here.

(c)-stylegallivanter.com_miranda-sakhino_mummy-bloggers-melbourne_top-fashion-publishers-australia_african-fashion-blogs-australia-11(c)-stylegallivanter.com_miranda-sakhino_mummy-bloggers-melbourne_top-fashion-publishers-australia_african-fashion-blogs-australia-6(c)-stylegallivanter.com_miranda-sakhino_mummy-bloggers-melbourne_top-fashion-publishers-australia_african-fashion-blogs-australia-9(c)-stylegallivanter.com_miranda-sakhino_mummy-bloggers-melbourne_top-fashion-publishers-australia_african-fashion-blogs-australia-4 (c)-stylegallivanter.com_miranda-sakhino_mummy-bloggers-melbourne_top-fashion-publishers-australia_african-fashion-blogs-australia-12(c)-stylegallivanter.com_miranda-sakhino_mummy-bloggers-melbourne_top-fashion-publishers-australia_african-fashion-blogs-australia-7

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Model: Miranda  //  Photography & Artwork:  //  Creative Direction & Styling: Sakhino.comsakhino-com-slogan13