God’s grace – THROUGH HIS WORD

By God's GraceYay, it’s Sunday! i.e Reflection time. Hmmm… where to start!

Anywhoo, the theme of the past few weeks (for me) has been grace. (I will share more in the Sundays to come).

The other day my heart was really troubled for a friend who’s going through something huge. I was just doing my thing and listening to music when this song came on. After the first 3 lines, I didn’t hear anything else – YES, they were that highlighted. It simply said…

Your Grace is enough * More than I need * At Your Word I will believe…

My friend needed to hear that at the time – but clearly I needed it too, because it has been engraved in my mind since then.

It’s that simple. God’s grace is always enough & always MORE than we need.

Therefore, whatever that word is, the personal one He whispered into your heart… (yes, the one you can never really share with people); that’s what you’ll need to draw on when life tries to defeat you. Whether it’s about your dreams, your health, your purpose or whatever – stand on God’s (personal) promises to you – for they can never be void.

It’s called Grace – Totally undeserved by us, but extravagantly lavished on us – by The Lover of our Souls.

Have a great week, and remember you are more precious to God than you think (even in your most imperfect state 😉 ) xx