best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoes-7FRANKiE4 FOOTWEAR SHOE GIVEAWAY

Now that we have done some rigorous testing of FRANKiE4 footwear, we think it’s only fair we do something special for you too. But before we get to this exciting FRANKiE4 footwear shoe giveaway, let us have a look at our journey with them. It is true, we have done the ultimate test driving of FRANKiE4 shoes and were pretty pleased with the results. From climbing the Eiffel tower, scaling the Louvre to hopping on those stripey brick thingies at the Palais Royale. This time we have decided to put them to the ultimate test i.e. on some real African sand, and heat. Hence why we braved the Morrocan sun (baby in tow) to explore the infamous souks of Marrakesh. We then took our adventures to the Bahia Palace. Yes, all on foot. Actually, all on these pretty sandals from FRANKiE4. They were so cushion’y that by the end of the day, my feet were surprisingly still intact. Every mother who has ever carried a toddler all day would testify that it does wreck havoc on the heels and soles of your feet. But luckily FRANKiE4 shoes have that special footbed that just makes them a delight to wear. Especially on those days when you are going to be walking the extra mile. Not only are they the best choice for your feet, these babies are as stylish as it gets. Made out of the finest leather, these are (undeniably) a timeless investment you are ever going to make for your feet. And besides, the colour combination is too much on point to say no to. So yes, since FRANKiE4 is in the sole saving business, we have collaborated with them to give 2 lucky readers a pair (any style of your choice, as long as they are in stock)! Don’t worry, they do international shipping. All you have to do is follow the instructions below.  To be part of the giveaway 1. Scroll Down to the bottom and Subscribe to our blog (If you are not a subscriber already). 2. Follow @FRANKiE4Footwear on instagram or facebook. 3. Leave a comment on one of the shoe pictures (of me) on their social media (facebook or instagram) saying why your sole needs to be saved. 4. Tag 2 friends whose ‘soles need to be saved‘ in that comment too. All the best!

best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoes best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoes-12 best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoes-3 best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoes-11 best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoes-2best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoes-2best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoes-13best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoes-3 best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoes-5best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoesFRANKiE4 FOOTWEAR SHOE GIVEAWAY, best-shoes-giveaway_best-leather-sandals_frankie4-sandals_stylish-orthotic-shoes-6Model: Miranda @SAKHINO   //   Photography: AndrewK @MrAndrew_K  (for    //  Stylist: Miranda (   // FRANKiE4 FOOTWEAR SHOE GIVEAWAY   //