Fashion Gendarme on Horseback

Oh my! It’s that time of the year again! The Gendarmerie are busy making rounds, (so avoid the city centre if you are a repeat offender), or  just fashion up & make life easy for our fashion force.

 It is a tough job, I concur, but someone’s got to do it. Our fabulous Lady of the Law sure is taking her duties seriously in a light blue jacket, a striped “Paris” singlet, stretchy ‘spray on’ jeans (stretchy & comfy is vital when you are on duty), and green, half -boot chucks, just  for the fun of it.

Hark! all the hair couldn’t fit in the riding hat – but we are loving the look! Esp, with those aviators! What can we say, except “arrest us s’il vous plait… ” ;p

Have a great day, and remember whatever your task, Go Forth & Be Fabulous always! Till the next annual inspection….

Love M, xoxo