fashfest 2015 prequel – KALEIDOSCOPINK

mirandaSAKHINO-copyright-2015_not-to-be-used-without-permission_fashfest-2015-designers-10I can’t believe we are almost there! I can literally taste that runway! (LOL, not). As we countdown to our runway debut at Fashfest 2015, we thought we’d go down memory lane and share some of our previous photo-shoots with you. In exactly a month from today, we will be showcasing our brand new (never-seen-before) Resort collection, so make sure you click here to get your tickets pronto! mirandaSAKHINO is showing on Friday 15th May. See you there and thanks for your support. Now here’s our beautiful model showing you how to WORK hot pink like it ain’t no thing! KaleidoscoPINK indeed!

mirandaSAKHINO-copyright-2015_not-to-be-used-without-permission_fashfest-2015-designers-9 mirandaSAKHINO-copyright-2015_not-to-be-used-without-permission_fashfest-2015-designers-2

Model: Lydia    //    Photography, Creative Direction & Styling: Stylegallivanter.com    //    Apparel from www.mirandasakhino.com    //    FASHFEST 2015

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