Fall Exposed…

Autumn is here once again, with all the rich, earthy tones that we love to luurve! This season expect to see loads of rich colours and funky, bold patterns…oooh all the things that get our hearts thumping!

With the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week officially starting tomorrow, we are holding our breath in anticipation to see what the runways will unleash on us. No doubt, we are going to love it!

We thought it was fitting to kick off our Autumn Series with maximum colour! Our model is rocking an orange turban/scarf, a mustard singlet and a green tube top as a skirt (you should know by now that here, we are about making anything WORK!). Also featuring coral lips, a blue / gold bracelet and wedges in nude. And that bag…it has autumn written all over it!

Now it’s your turn to make it work! Go Forth & Be Fabulous!

Love M, xoxo