Fab Feat. Beautiful Australia

Yes, finally, I found it! My fave rock formation! I know, it looks unreal! But it is all real; Australia has some of the most beautiful natural features ever! Breath-taking! Happy Australia Day tomorrow!!I had an amazing backdrop to work with, so for this Summer Series edition I went crazy with an ‘out of control’ splash of colour; ORANGE! Just a simple maxi skirt with a halter top (& a long scarf to add that drama 😉 )… Fabulous! Not without colourful accessories of coz – earings from Botswana, necklace worn on wrist (& skirt) from Uganda.

Now go forth and be fabulous wherever you are, because the truth is; it doesn’t matter where we are, the amazing beauty that is creation will always surround us – as beauty is the handwriting of God.

Love M, xoxo