Do you ever go through days when you just can’t get through your very ‘productive looking’ to-do list? I do. EVERYDAY SINGLE DAY. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations of myself. It’s hard not to though, especially when you are fully aware of the skills, talents, capacity e.t.c that God has blessed you with. It can get very frustrating and overwhelming at times and this – more often than not, leads to stress. Anyway, before I entertain this pity party any longer, I’d just like to say, thank God He’s not a task master! Please see below – the wise words of Holley Gerth, she’s always great when it comes to reminding me that I am just human ;p #Relief

Dear You,

You don’t have to try so hard. I know sometimes you think you do. There’s a place inside that worries that if you let up for even just a little while, it may all fall apart—you may fall apart. But here’s the secret: you don’t have to hold yourself, your life, this world together. That’s far too much for any of us.

Instead of holding it all together, can you let yourself be held by the One who loves you? He’s the One who told the weary to come to him. He’s the One who tells us it’s okay to lay our burdens down. He’s the One who invites us to a life not of perfectionism but of peace.

He doesn’t require as much of you as you believe. It feels like he does because so many people have told you it’s true. But our God is not a taskmaster. Instead he’s a loving Father, and he wants his children to rest. Children are not meant to worry and work all the time. They’re meant to receive.

What do you need from God right now? Slow down for a moment and tell him. Whisper the tiredness you feel. Tell him about your frustration. Put words to your suspicion that it’s all too much and you’re not enough.

Then listen for God’s voice in return. Let him reassure you that he’s got you and he’s never letting go. Let him share with you that you are not responsible for results, only obedience. Let him free you from what weighs you down and instead lift you up with love.

You don’t have to try so hard, get so far, run so fast. You only have to reach up to the One who promises to carry you like a daughter in his arms. All the way home.

Shared from Holleygerth.com

Photography: StyleGallivanter.com (See the full photoshoot here)

Model: Miranda

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