Expectant Fashion Trends feat. Kourtney Kardashian

Author: Samantha   Theme: Maxi Dresses as a Maternity Trend   Model: Kourtney KardashianKourtney Kardashian maternity fashion style

Maxi dresses are an absolute staple for pregnant women. Not only can one move freely in them, but they create that stream-lined effect… and who doesn’t like looking thinner?? Let’s be honest people 😉glamourous pregnant maternity fashion style

They are perfect for a night out on the town with the right amount of sparkles,pregnancy fashion style

Awesome for those summer days with a cute accessory (aka cute baby),fashion tips for pregnant women

..and effortless for those chilly days with a well-fitted blazer. This would be a great look for work too. Otherwise, just glam it up with a fierce hat and you’ll have every head turning.

Colour blocking fashion for pregnant women

I’d say go for simple neutral colours if you’d like to get more out of your maxi, and to look less bulky. Colour blocking is a great way to acknowledge the current fashion trends but let’s keep it vertical if possible – for that stream-lined look (like Kourtney in the picture above).

Congratulations to all the expectant mothers out there, and we hope these tips were helpful.

P.S Samantha is one of our interns for 2013… you’ll be seeing a lot of fabulous pregnant women’s fashion from her, and a whole lot more as the year progresses ;)

Pictures courtesy of the World Wide Web & Kourtney Kardashian’s blog.