enlist in – THE NAVY

It’s simple. It’s classy. It’s timeless. It’s the look of effortless, polished perfection that is found in this navy and cream number. It might look like just another cute dress, but don’t be fooled ;). It is tres versatile; and with capped sleeves, a cinched-in waist, and a flared skirt – this is one to flatter most (if not ALL figures). And who doesn’t love a great investment! Well, time to crunch the numbers and see if the return would be worth it.

Pictured below: It can easily be worn to the office (with or without a jacket), because it packs in a punch when it comes to being ‘Pro-Fashion-ally on Point.’ Silently take charge of the boardroom ;).

Drinks after work?  Only a change of accessories will do (demonstrated below). Just add some sparkle, and you will (still) be the star of the show.

Below – Brunch with the ladies, then off to the market? Covered! Just throw on a pair of flats, sunnies and your most practical oversized bag (for those veges and fruits).  Who said you can’t be (painlessly) glamourous on market day?  Feel free to work some bold colours with it too, like red or yellow – depending on your personality. Even a huge floppy hat for those sunny days.

Have a great day & hope you are looking “Pro-Fashionally on Point” today! For tips on reviving your current wardrobe, check out our website for productive steps you can take 😉 Otherwise, just…