Thanks for coming here. That alone shows there’s something in you that wants to create a better world for the next generation. This whole thing sparked by the murder of George Floyd has been a turning point in history and we can ALL be part of the solution. Wait, let me re-phrase that – WE ALL HAVE A ROLE TO PLAY AS HUMAN BEINGS. Whether we take that on or not, is up to us. This shouldn’t be left to the activists, the advocates, the protesters, the politicians, the policy makers, it should start with YOU. Yes you. You human being. It’s time to wake up and start advocating for other humans. Everyone has a right to breathe the very air you are breathing right now. Only God has the right to take that away. So I honestly can’t understand how we can just go on with our lives as if everything is okay. Anyway, let me not get into that now. I will write a post about my opinion of this later on, but for now I just want to let you know that I AM NOT an activist, a professional advocate, a protester who takes to the streets, a politicians, a policy maker etc. I am just a human who has realized we all have a part to play. Whether it’s educating people at your work, confronting your family members when they make racial jokes/slurs in the comfort of their own homes, protesting, writing a book about it… etc whatever you feel burning in your heart, that can help see an end to a group of God’s people being de-humanized on a daily basis, YOU GO AND DO THAT and DO IT IN LOVE. The truth is, most white people want to do better… so teach them, have a conversation, share your stories, and white people – create a space, an atmosphere for people to share, teach and learn… DO SOMETHING. The worst thing you can do is doing nothing. It is not enough to share a black box on social media and tag it BlackOutTuesday. Most people don’t even know or care what that means, and that my friend is a missed opportunity on your part. Share quotes, share your thoughts, share your stories that can help tackle this ancient, evil serpent called racism. Sharing on your Instagram stories / Facebook stories is great but it will disappear after 24 hours. The truth is, most of your followers won’t even care to watch it. But on your feed, something stands to be seen by more people. I personally think if you have any sort of platform (and are currently active on that platform), especially a social media platform, you have a responsibility to use it for good. Let us upgrade from sharing selfies, our children, our food, our travels, how toned our butts look, how great our make up looks, how successful and driven we are… Let’s do better as humans. Let’s not stand on the sidelines and defer the solutions to someone else because it messes up our relationship with racist family members. Let’s not fail to speak up because it messes up our algorithm, our pre-planned feed, our aesthetic. I hope that sounds as silly to you as it sounds to me.

Anyway, here’s a few resources I have found that are quick to read, or listen to. All you need to do is to just pop in your headphones and listen while you do the dishes or exercise. We are privileged to be alive in an era when multi-tasking is achievable, so let’s do it. I understand not everyone is able to take to the streets and protest, and not everyone can read most of the ‘recommended’ books on racism. I most definitely can not. I am a sleep deprived mother of 2 small children. But I can read an article that takes less than 5 minutes, I can put on my headphones and listen to 1 of the conversations below while putting the baby to sleep, or while I cook. I am pretty sure you can do the same if not more. So let’s get to work.

P.S. I am Christian so all these articles may seem targeted towards Christians, but anyone and everyone can find them useful regardless of their beliefs. I will possibly be adding to this list as the days and weeks go by.

  • First,¬† I’d like you to read the article below that I landed on while reading something from one of my fave online pastors Max Lucado. This is possibly one of the best articles I have found on ‘The Best Ways White People Can Respond to Racial Tensions’. It actually gives practical advice that can be applied to everyday life. Click here or on on the bold title below.

THE BEST WAY WHITE CHRISTIANS CAN RESPOND TO RACIAL TENSIONS  Read and share it with your friends, family and colleagues. It is an awesome starting point.

  • The following videos will help you understand how most people of colour felt at the beginning of all this, and how white people, white Christians, and especially The Church Of Jesus can do better than just remain silent when they are supposed to be the very hands and feet of Jesus.

  • The following will help you understand how racism is rooted in de-humanization.. and all the other deeply ingrained ideologies you might even have without realizing it. And how we can all do better.

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