We all know this blog has been in quarantine, and I mean deep quarantine since I wrote that intense post in 2020 (hides). So I thought, if we were to come out of that deep quarantine in the most beautiful way, how would that look?

Well, well… look no further than this collection from Elie Saab’s Spring 2020 Ready to Wear collection! It is absolutely divine on so many levels! I felt like it encapsulates the very essence of who we are here, i.e. continuously serving you those “African Princess on a never-ending vacation” vibes. You feel me?… I mean, look at that silky mocha one piece (above) with a train! Just divine! If I personally ever went into a real lockdown, that is how I’d be sashay’ing out my friend! In that jumpsuit. Give me a train anytime and some wind gloriously blowing it! Fortunately I live in a place where we have never really had a proper lockdown (maybe for a week or so), and we thank God for that… But yeah, that look would be my coming out look if ever there was such a thing as a ‘coming out of lockdown’ lewk. On the real though, this collection is totally on point. All our favourite elements gloriously merged into one. A whole lot of African fabulous’ness, some elegant Grecian vibes, plenty of fierceness and softness delivered with just the right amount of class and elegance.

Now it’s time to feast your eyes and get new ideas on how you can re-work your current wardrobe. No, we don’t need to shop all the time ūüėČ But if you do need¬† some slamming headwraps and turbans to help you achieve these looks, who am I to stand in your way? Get your hands on some modern headwraps to bring your “African Princess on vacay” to life right here.

Looks Curated by Miranda, Editor in Chief – The Bespoke Mum

Source: Vogue Runway  // Elie Saab Spring 2020 Ready to Wear  //  Wearable Runway Looks