oct 2015 – THE EDGY ISSUE

copyright-stylegallivanter-2015_Photographer-andrew-kibuka_top-stylists-melbourne_stylist-stylegallivanter.com_edgy-magazine-editorials-2015_edgy-magazine-covers-vogue_top-fashion-bloggers-australia-2016_africa's-best-fashion-bloggers_top-african-bloggers-2015 A good friend of mine once asked why I never smile in my blog photoshoots. I can not recall how I answered her at the time, but hey, fashion is serious business. Well, to some of us anyway. Her question made sense though, as…well, those who really know me would testify that I love to laugh, and I am always smiley smiley about almost everything – whether I am nervous, happy, suspicious, guilty (LOL). Unless of course I am around individuals I am unsure about. That is when I don my high fashion, blue steel face hehehe. So, this one is for you Dimpho.

Anyway, we thought we’d go for a different type of cover editorial this time around by making it edgy, but still happy. I am not really fond of that word edgy. Mainly because when people describe something as edgy – it will highly likely be a dingy type of arrangement that is trying (so hard) to be hardcore and appeal to free spirits. So be warned, if someone invites you to a restaurant (for example) that is edgy… chances are you will be sitting on a crate having your food with a side of dust in some smelly alley way. Yep, I always tread carefully whenever the word edgy or even shabby chic are carelessly thrown around. On a more positive note, with this month’s cover, we bring you some real street edge with a side of preppy swag. It’s young, it’s clean, it’s fresh, and without an ounce of dignity lost. Stay tuned for the full photoshoot in the next few days.

Here’s to an amazing October! Hopefully we all get our to do lists for the year finished as we get closer to the holiday period. For more of our favourite magazine style covers, click here …. and follow on instagram, pinterest and twitter for live updates on all things Stylish.

Lots of Love,

The Style Gallivanter Team –  StyleGallivanter@gmail.com

Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (Stylegallivanter.com)    //    Styling: Miranda (Stylegallivanter.com)    //  The Edgy Issue

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