Ok, so I’ve had a lot of people ask me to teach them how to apply makeup… which I find very flattering¬†because I don’t consider myself as a makeup guru ūüėČ Anyway, here’s some gorgeous ladies I’ve learnt a few tips and tricks from. I just picked the basics videos so you can at least learn the easy¬†everyday makeup looks. So, go!

I love Fafinette (Aubrey) because she was probably the first one I learnt from way back when Youtube was still new and not saturated with “experts”… and she is so cute, and all over the place ūüėČ

‘Peakmill’ doesn’t follow rules because she is not a professional makeup artist, which I love because it still shows you can do your own thing and make it work without having too many rules constricting your creative flow.¬†This girl will teach you a thing or 2, even beyond makeup ūüėČ

I must say though most of my tips and tricks I got from Kandee. She is a well known makeup artist and a mother of four – which is encouraging because it just shows how you can still have kids and look good without investing too much time into it.

Hope you can learn something different from all these beautiful¬†ladies! Check out their Youtube channels for more.¬†For more on our beauty, skin and makeup tips, check into¬†The Pretty Room¬†ūüėČ

Have a great weekend!    Cover Picture: Courtesy of TheCoveteur.com  Videos courtesy of YouTube


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