don’t give up – NOT JUST YET

military-chic_top-african-bloggers_australia's-best-fashion-blogs-2Often in life, there are moments when it seems like all we are met with are closed doors, and the easier option is always to give up and just assume it wasn’t meant to be. Well, stop right there and have a read at what my friend Holley has to say about this. A pretty eye opening passage…

“We’ve all heard the saying, “If God closes a door, He always opens a window.” That implies that as soon as we see the door is closed, it’s time to move on. But Jesus tells an interesting parable in Luke 18. He tells of a widow who goes and beats on the door of a wicked judge over and over until she gets justice. He then says if a wicked judge even answers the persistent, how much more so will God. That made me wonder, “What if closed doors are just an invitation to keep knocking?” I know there are times when the door is not only closed but there is also a big “Keep Away” sign plastered on the front. I’m not talking about those times. I’m talking about the many grey closed doors that are not clearly a “no” from God but we take them that way. Why would God want us to keep knocking on the door? I think it’s because He wants us to come to Him over and over. We serve an intensely personal God. He wants us to be part of the process.

Perhaps a closed door is really just an invitation to press in, knock harder, ask louder, and draw nearer to Him. Perhaps He knows that we’re building spiritual muscles by banging on that door—muscles we will need when it finally swings open. Perhaps He’s building perseverance and strength in us. Perhaps He knows we will value what we receive on the other side of the open door more if we had to really seek after it rather than just having it given to us.

I don’t know what all of God’s purposes may be for closed doors, but I do know I just may start knocking longer and louder than I ever have before. You too?”

Have a great week, and be a much braver version of yourself. Don’t give up just yet. See the full photoshoot in colour here —> Military Chic

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