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sunrise_nhatrang_vietnam-holiday_best-travel-bloggers_palm-trees_luxe-resorts_luxury-blogsA wise friend of mine recently said this: 

God is more interested in placing you where you will be a blessing, than where you will be blessed. But alas, our fallen nature soon abandons God’s best station for the comforts of where it’s about us in a station of our own choosing.” Mogotsi Baloyi

As someone who’s always on the move (in life, not just geographically), I have learnt to let go very quickly. In a good way that helps me detach from things that I can no longer have access to. Of course it’s not easy, e.g. moving to a totally new place where you don’t know anyone and you literally have to start everything from scratch (i.e. establishing yourself within your field of work, making new friends etc).  One thing I have learnt is that, if you become that thing that you need – to someone else, you open the doors of blessings into your life. Most times we just sit there waiting for God to bless us the way we think we should be blessed, instead of blessing other people with the little that we have.This can lead to a dangerously subtle entitlement mentality which is based on works i.e. God I have done this and that, but You are not bringing this into my life. How about we just look for areas where we can be of help to others and do it whole-heartedly… better yet, consult with God and ask Him where to start. You’ll be surprised at how blessed you will get when all you were trying to do was selflessly bless others. After all, The Father loves you and knows your needs before you even become aware of them.

I know a lot of people say “we are blessed to be a blessing”, which is great and true. But this can lead many to thinking if they don’t feel blessed, they don’t have to bless others. Here’s a reality check, the fact that you saw the sunrise today and you are still breathing, is blessing enough.

Always remember this: you are where you are to be a blessing, and you do have so much to give despite what you may think.

Have a great week!

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