direction – TRANSITION SERIES you are an avid follower of StyleGallivanter, you would have noticed that lately I haven’t really been doing our weekly Sunday devotionals. Sure, I have been a lot busy but that is not the reason why I didn’t write. The truth is, sometimes I’d actually make time for it but just end up staring at the computer screen without much to type even though I had enough topics streaming through my head. You are probably thinking… exhaustion perhaps? Well, it is true. As a first time mum of a baby who treats sleep time like a battlefield – you are right. I am exhausted more often than not. Still, that was not the problem. Then what was it? Stop playing guessing games woman! Transition. Simple as that. What do you mean? Well, I have been a mum for over a year now and that is the direction my devotionals will be taking from now on. Fear not! It will not be in an annoying, over-sharing way that is usually associated with new (and old) mums, but more from an angle of experiencing God through a baby’s eyes, as well as from a mum’s point of view. All that (and more) nicely wrapped and delivered in a way that we can all apply in our lives, parent or not. 

Do not misunderstand me, I am not in any way trying to undermine this new found angle, it is just something that I now realise I had a mild fear associated with. i.e. The fear of alienating my readers who are not parents yet. That being said, I still have to stay true to the current season I am in. Yes, I used to feel conflicted whenever it was time to write, because what I wanted to write about (true and relevant as it was), did not fully encompass what my life is like at the moment. Well, now that my head is cleared, I’d like to invite you on this journey. It can only get better from here on, right…? 

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Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (  //  Styling: Miranda (    //  Transition Series – Direction

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