derby day STYLE 2015

CURATED STYLE SIGNATUREDERBY-DAY-TRENDS-2015_DERBY-DAY-STYLE_MELBOURNE-CUP-BEST-DRESSED-2015_STYLEGALLIVANTER.COM_melbourne-3The dress code is strictly black and white dress, which I personally think makes the style decisions a whole lot easier. If you are anything like me, you have left your outfit decisions till last minute. Fear not my lovely, this one is for you. P.S. most of these can be delivered over night or in a few days max. So take this as your cue to  make things happen and embody timeless elegance. Whoever said you can’t do the spring carnival last minute, with styles that won’t break the bank, clearly didn’t know where to shop. Click on the pictures below to browse.

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Derby Day Style 2015 // Spring Racing Carnival

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