daylight saving EPIPHANIES


So this morning, most of us had that extra daylight saving hour. Yes, the only day of the year when we get blessed with a 25 hour day;an extra, personal hour that some of us take very seriously. One I can choose to squander or do something productive with. Either way, it doesn’t matter that much as it is a gift. Therefore, instead of sleeping an extra hour, I made that choice to get up and live one hour more –  while using that hour for something very important and crucial; i.e doing my nails 😉

..and alas, one of my nails had broken! But no, this wasn’t something that just happened today; it started as a small chip / crack (a few days ago) that I could have filed away but just ignored because I didn’t know where my nail-filer was. Correction: I couldn’t be bothered to properly look for it. So yes, the crack kept increasing until the nail was at least half broken and snagging everything. I mean, it made getting dressed and doing the simple things in life even harder. Eventually, I had to cut it, and if you’ve experienced real nails, you’ll know more often than not this breaking process doesn’t take the natural route. No ma’am, it can go right down to the  nail bed and make cutting the nail quite a painful process ;(

Anyway, as I was filing the nail down (with my nail bed)  and wincing in pain, I realised how we allow similar things to happen in our lives. Get this – little cracks and chips will always happen (whether by our own wrong-doing or unfortunate circumstances). If not attended to in time, they can grow into something that eventually makes life as we know it uncomfortable, i.e until God has to painfully chop those things out of our lives. So let us be careful to not let those little cracks grow into rifts that end up causing so much drama and pain.

I had to cut all the other nails, as having one short stumpy nail out of 10 is so not vogue! Now they all look nice and uniform. In the same way, let us be mindful too, that these chips and cracks we entertain in our lives can end up affecting or even hurting those closest to us.

 Have a great weekend, and tomorrow we have an extra special treat for you! Can’t wait! As for the beautiful nails in our photography, see the full post here.

Love you all, and have a great week! xx

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