daring greatly – TRUST

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It is the scary, seesaw kind of life. One day you are in the bright shining lights. The next, you have to step out into the dark abyss. Despite the fact that you can’t see much, something deep in you refuses to settle for the status quo. For beyond the darkness, you can see a faint but gleaming light. Greatness is calling; and only the one who heeds that call will get to experience the brighter lights in the distance. Only the one who steps out into the deep will know that they are not alone. Because the one who is calling is waiting there to catch you.  So my friend, stop grappling with practicalities of life and what makes sense to the human mind. For you might just miss the greatest call of your heart. A call that only YOU can answer. For that door out of your NOW, into your COULD BE, is custom-made to your dimensions. No one can fit through it, except you. Through to the unknown. Into the brightness of your purpose and calling. Now, that’s a place we all want to end up in. But only few are willing to let go and trust the catcher. Which will you be?

Maybe it is time to pause and listen to the ringing in your heart… Greatness is calling. Will you dare to trust, and start moving towards Him?

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