music-notes_the-power-of-music_christian-music_breakthrough-using-musicI don’t have to tell you this because we all know what a powerful thing music is. It can take you to amazingly pure and joyful places that toxic substances could never, or equally to some seriously dark places (depending on the music you are listening to). But of course, today we are focusing on the happy type that only does you good.

Sometimes all you need to do to snap out of it is to play your favourite tune and dance… and I mean real dancing – none of this twerking nonsense. Yes, music does have that power to give you an indescribable high. It is one of the most powerful weapons of worship that can break many spiritual walls. So next time your soul is feeling burdened and life is attacking  you from all angles – put on your fave tune, take off your shoes and have a crazy delirious moment with God. (He’s more fun than people actually give him credit for). Chances are you’ll feel like something’s lifted off your shoulders. Learn to praise and worship your way out of tribulations.

“And David was dancing before the LORD with all his might…” Read more from 2 Samuel 6:14.


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