Creativity; A Diamond in The Rough

She’s wierd, she’s different, she’s incomprehensible. Her name is CREATIVITY.She dares to be different, goes against the flow, puts herself at risk of being shunned by the norm…

Because she understands her worth – Far more expensive than rubies and gold, no one can afford her. She has been given as a gift, but first you have to accept her.

Don’t be fooled; she can not be bought with silver nor gold, for she was created in the deepest of the deep; further than anything (humanly conceived) can reach. Still, she can be drowned out – by money, noise, pride or even haters (if you let them)… For hers is a voice softer than a whisper, unreal as a dream.

Mostly, she surfaces in the driest, roughest, most unexpected places, because that’s when you are forced to reach out for her – for at the very end of you, she begins.

But she will always be there; patiently waiting, hoping that you will re-treat to that silent place again; where she is found…

… and while others might copy and replicate…she is the real thing. Her name is Creativity.

Do seek her – because somewhere deep within you she dwells; and she will set you apart from the crowd. Like a diamond amongst shiny pebbles.