cover story – STYLE GLADIATOR

vogue australia bloggersI’ve never been much of a leather kind’a girl, but… while spring cleaning ‘the archives’ I came across this timeless gem.  A well-constructed leather jacket. I took this babe out the rubble, put a belt on it and voilà!  An editorial miracle happened! (See ladies, you don’t need to shop all the time). Shortly afterwards, a pair of what I can only refer to as gladiator stockings surfaced too. I added a little black skirt to the equation plus a pair of unlikely military boots. Right there and then, our unplanned September Issue cover came forth, fabulously too! As for the amazing light display on my legs, that was a ‘stumble upon’ that could have only been organised by the big dude upstairs! 

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gladiator stockings

Black Leather Jacket

Green military boots
Be on the lookout for Style Gladiators prancing around the city this week as Melbourne Spring Fashion Week befalls us. #ExcitedForDays!style gallivanter