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Cool Girl Sneakers with FRANKiE4

In a world of two minute trends, it is pretty hard to look sane sometimes. From clunky clogs to sneakers with heels…hmmm, don’t even let me go there! Anyway, we do try to sift the wheat from the chaff for you when it comes to style. Sure, as fun as it may be to subscribe to a silly trend every now and then, we sincerely believe your wardrobe should consist of items that will still be wearable in the next 10 years, to say the least. Hence this cute pair of metallic silver sneakers from FRANKiE4. Did I hear someone say cool girl sneakers? Damn right! Sparkly as they are, these babies can be dressed up (bedazzlements and all), or casually be taken down a notch – such as what I am doing on this cold autumn day in Paris.

See the thing with FRANKiE4 shoes is they are well thought out. I mean they could have just left them with normal soles because they are sneakers, right? They are supposed to be comfortable anyway. But no, because the company was founded by a professional podiatrist and physiotherapist, they know the words flat shoes or sneakers don’t necessarily guarantee the best for your feet. Hence why they just had to go all out for you, #solesavers and all! Click here to read more about their functional footbeds, and how these are orthotic friendly too. In layman’s terms, this is the ultimate cushioning for your feet. Think walking on fluffy clouds (but much warmer, LOL). Now you can really go that extra mile in your life too. Pun intended.

… and as for y’all wearing hideous sneakers with your beautiful pencil skirt on the morning commute to work (I see you player), there are no more excuses. Get a pair before the fashion police gets you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

FRANKiE4 will be giving away 2 pairs of shoes to our readers soon (because they’d love for you to have this sole saving experience too)! Keep your eyes peeled for this ‘soon to come’ excitement on our blog. In the mean time, head over to their website and grab yourself a pair. You know these will add the perfect sparkle to your Christmas tree. Can I get an AMEN!

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Model: Miranda @SAKHINO   //   Photography: AndrewK @MrAndrew_K  (for    //  Stylist: Miranda (   //  Cool Girl Sneakers   //

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