Colourful Accessories, YELLOW EARRINGS

Colourful accessories, yellow-earrings_Colourful-Accessories

Colourful Accessories, YELLOW EARRINGS

Talking colourful accessories, it is no secret that I love mine big and bold, a bit like my hair. Even though I am not much of a neck jewellery kind of girl, I do love me a big ole’ colourful earring. This is why me and Velvet Rose London have always seen eye to eye (or should I say ear to ear). They make some of the most deliciously colourful accessories that you won’t find anywhere. What I love about their work is it is so uniquely refreshing and ever so innovative, such as this gorgeous pair of irregular glass earrings. Sounds kind’a dangerous huh? LOL, possibly. These have gone on to become one of my favourite pairs since the day I laid eyes on them. First of all, they are yellow. Seriouosly, can I get a halleluyah! I mean, when it comes to anything in life, it doesn’t get any happier than yellow! That sure is the colour of true heavenly joy, as far as I am concerned. Secondly they are just the perfect size. Not too big, not too small. Since my hair is so big, I need earrings that will stand their ground and shine even when they are covered by this mane. And these babies do an amazing job, as can be seen from all these images. They bring life to every outfit, no matter the occasion! Grab yourself a pair from here. If your ears are not pierced, do not despair. Velvet and rose London make beautiful clip on earrings as well. If you do not wear earrings, these would definitely make an awesome Christmas present for a loved one.  So go on…

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