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That christmas lunch outfit… hmm it can be quite a head scratcher that one. You want to look cute, but comfortable – keeping in mind that you will probably eat half your body weight in carbs of course. So keep it simple, chic it up with some stunning accessories, and naturally, your hair has to be on point. It’s the mobile phone era, so expect everyone to be snapping away the whole day without so much as a warning, so check yourself out in the mirror from all angles so you don’t spend boxing day untagging yourself from those horrible pictures. LOL I am pretty sure we’ve all been there…

STYLE TIP ¬†What I am wearing in this shoot is actually a dress on top of pants. Yes, that extra short dress that you might be uncomfortable to debut in front of your uncles or in-laws can come in quite handy as an elegant, dressy top. I just kept the colours simple and went for black, cream and gold. The hair, I just tied on top of my head¬†to keep it out of my face… the last thing I need is hair stuck to my lipgloss the whole day (can I get an AMEN!) So go for your default, trusted hair-do that always slays… it’s probably not a good time to try something too new. A slamming pair of shoes is always a necessity, because… let’s be honest, it’s the shoes that matter (because we can’t all look as skinny as that model next door). Last, put on that pretty makeup and your best sunnies and you are good to go! Have a happy one… and start working out today to make space for those infamous Christmas calories ūüėČ copyright-3 copyright-13 copyright-2

Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //    Styling: Miranda (    //   CHRISTMAS LUNCH DRESSING

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