the choices – WE MAKE

“Should I watch the new Batman movie or wait till it’s out on DVD?”… “Should I buy the latest phone or wait for the iPhone 5… or the new iPad?” “Is it safe to read a magazine while riding a hippo?”

Life is full of mundane questions  with no eternal value whatsoever…

But who do you run to when you need the great questions of life answered? When no human being is unable to help?

For me, only the very ALIVE Word of God can get me whatever pit I am in at the time.  Whether it’s sadness, uncertainty, insecurities etc, God’s word is powerful enough to re-instate me to the person He meant for me be (confident, blessed, loved)… as well as help me make major decisions in life.

Man can not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.‘ Matt 4:4

Have a fabulous week …