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tp-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-australia_stylish-mummy-bloggers-2015_trilby_Miranda-StyleGallivanter.com_Photo-Credit-Andrew-Kibuka_copyright-2015-10I’ve always had a thing for coats, which is why I made Melbourne my home. It  is cold here most of the year, not the snowing kind’a cold, but cool enough to have an excuse to wear a stylish coat more often than not 😉 Yes coats… long, short, trench, leather… you name it, I love’em all! That being said, my favourite are long winter coats. It is very hard not to look elegant in a well-structured, long coat. If you are going to invest in one, my advice would be to stick to simple monochrome colours and clean lines. Especially around the shoulders, makes sure it is well fitted, preferably with a bit of a padded shoulder for that effortless elegant, regal look (and feel). I mean who doesn’t love feeling like a modern day queen!

Pictured here, we decided to do a monotone look, head to toe. I know it sounds boring when you think about it, but cream is one of those easy colours to pull off from head to toe. A military green top broke things up and our favourite pair of orange stilettos brought this whole thing to the next level. The culottes added a touch of chic and the hat just brought the perfect amount of elegant swag. The curly earrings added a touch of quirk, and the gold toned lippy sealed off the look fabulously. It is an effortless and comfortable look that can work on almost everyone. As for the background, it had to be extra colourful since we are not wearing that much colour, right? Enjoy the pictorial xx … and remember, it’s all in the details 😉 P.S. This is the photoshoot that inspired our magazine cover for July 2015, which can be viewed here .

tp-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-australia_stylish-mummy-bloggers-2015_trilby_Miranda-StyleGallivanter.com_Photo-Credit-Andrew-Kibuka_copyright-2015tp-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-australia_stylish-mummy-bloggers-2015_trilby_Miranda-StyleGallivanter.com_Photo-Credit-Andrew-Kibuka_copyright-2015-5 tp-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-australia_stylish-mummy-bloggers-2015_trilby_Miranda-StyleGallivanter.com_Photo-Credit-Andrew-Kibuka_copyright-2015-7tp-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-australia_stylish-mummy-bloggers-2015_trilby_Miranda-StyleGallivanter.com_Photo-Credit-Andrew-Kibuka_copyright-2015-6tp-mummy-bloggers-melbourne-australia_stylish-mummy-bloggers-2015_trilby_Miranda-StyleGallivanter.com_Photo-Credit-Andrew-Kibuka_copyright-2015-2

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Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (  //  Styling: Miranda (    // chic winter trends

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