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Today is Human Rights Day, a very important day in South African history. Read more about it here.

First, I’d like to say I AM NOT South African. I am from Botswana, where South Africa is the closest we have to an older sibling. We speak the same language and originated from the same people. South Africa is one of my favourite countries and has had a lot of impact on me growing up, that’s why I celebrate with them.

Their fashion has always been a huge source of inspiration for me. From the easy, fun, pantsula inspired street wear to the talented designers like Stoned Cherrie and Sun Goddess. Since moving to Australia’s fashion capital (Melbourne), I’m constantly asking my friends to send me South African magazines just so I can keep up with the fashion. Not forgetting the amazing huge jewellery – that’s how I leant that ‘more is more’ … and more is hot! 😉

When it comes to hair; the wildest, most exciting hairstyles – I first saw on South African celebrities / magazines (before anywhere else). The creativity there (like in most African countries) never ceases to amaze me! That’s always been a great inspiration for me to wear my hair natural.

As for the music, nothing comes even close! I have all those kwaito music videos to thank for my dance moves. Thumbs up if you grew up jiving to Boom Shaka, Bongo Maffin, Arthur, TKZee etc. Oh, how I miss those days when we used to wait eagerly every Friday just to watch Selimathunzi, Jam Alley 😉 … Still makes me smile.

Evidently, most of my great memories have had something South African in them (music, fashion, dance etc)…but what’s a post on Human Rights Day without the amazing face of freedom that is Madiba! Happy Human Rights Day Mzansi! Botswana loves you and we always will!

Pictures Courtesy of Anthony Bila, Thina Zibi, ZedHair, The World Wide Web

n.b If you are not aware – I am a wearing a South-African Flag inspired scarf on my head 😉 (& make up).