bushveld camouflage – SAKHINO EDITORIALS

Collection: SAKHINO Winter 2013

Featuring: Pants in Savannah Chocolate
lioness fashionIn an environment where the lion roars and runs the kingdom, we have to show good old Simba our true colours,

editorials done in africaThat means dressing like we mean kingdom business.

botswana fashion styleSo go on, acknowledge the lioness in you and work that savanna, like a boss! Roarr!!

safari fashion styleStand your ground when chilling with humans too, in the glorious pre’evening light ūüėČ

safari camouflage style fashion…contemplating and reflecting how blessed you are to be alive today,

bloggers with real style

Because in this bushveld called life, where the lion devours all those who slumber, (those unaware)…
african sunset sunrise

…one more day added to your life is the biggest of all miracles, and don’t you ever forget it.

Have an awesome day…and count your blessing (not on your fingers, but show some gratitude to the one whom you owe your life to).

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Photography Copyright: Andrew ‚Äď StyleGallivanter.com ¬† // ¬† Styling: Miranda ‚Äď StyleGallivanter.com


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