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Neutrals of the moment. Not to be feared guys. And as you can see here illustrated through this dapper editorial, this is an easy colour combination, and it can work through out many seasons, as it is just ‘quiet enough’. Have a look and take notes from this super duper¬†menswear feature¬†on how to best slay in camel and grey menswear trends. (Clearly if this fashion thing doesn’t work out I have a future as a rapper or a rhyme MC. ūüėČ

Tops Tips: Courtesy of EastDane:

  1. Break up an all grey look with tobacco trousers.
  2. When keeping your colours simple, step up your textures. Try a waffled sweater, tailored coat and washed denim.
  3. A sharp camel coat takes every outfit to the next level.
  4. Pro tip: Layers are sleeker when you just stick to 2 shades.
  5. A slate leather bag looks killer with everything from sweats to a best-menswear-bloggers-australia_shopbop-bloggers_melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016-7 camel and grey menswear, top-menswear-blogs-UK-2016_camel-and-gray-menswear_top-menswear-editorial-blogs-2016_best-menswear-bloggers-australia_shopbop-bloggers_melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016 best-menswear-bloggers-australia_shopbop-bloggers_melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016-12camel and gray menswear, top-menswear-blogs-UK-2016_camel-and-gray-menswear_top-menswear-editorial-blogs-2016_best-menswear-bloggers-australia_shopbop-bloggers_melbourne-cup-best-racing-outfits-2016-4

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Photos via East Dane   //  Camel and Grey Menswear

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