budget fashionista – SCENE 3

Our on trend, on budget series continues. Click here to better understand the inspiration behind it.

Scene 3. Enters the Polished Professional. Professional? you ask. Yes, this girl does everything on a professional level. She takes everything seriously, and she is a big believer that ‘time is of the essence’, at all times!

1 hour ago, she was spotted at work wearing the same outfit with a beautifully fitted little black blazer (‘sans’ the gloves, sunnies and flower in the hair). She’d evidently left her house on a mission to take on the board-room as well as the race course. Wow!

She walks into the scene, (pictured above) ready to take care of business, as usual. Already working it I see, before  we can even say ‘how do you do.” I told you , with her…every minute counts.

She pays great attention to detail. Every item was carefully selected to fit into her schedule on this day. First work, then off to the races, and she still managed to set an extremely high standard at both… coz that’s just how she rolls.

All these items taken apart are pretty simple. This is the type of girl who shops in her wardrobe whenever she has an event (or 2) to attend. Not because she has loads of clothes, but because she can easily re-invent a work item into a race-wear item or vice versa. I am loving the grey suede heels and that belt looks exactly like the ones my mum & her sisters used to wear more than 20 years ago. ‘Figure belts’, they called them. Lol, now I definitely know why – these babies can cinch that waist and turn you into a coke bottle faster that you can say abracadabra!

Super elegant? We can’t deny that. Random sighting – perfectly manicured trees resembling side lamps! Awesome-ness.

Back to her. She is definitely the life of the party. We all know her. Either we want to be  her friend or we want to be her… & I heard she bakes a mean batch of macaroons… is there anything she can’t do right!

All items totally priced under $35. Warrnambool Lifeline Shop.

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