BOHEMIAN BLOGGERS-2This week on Pregnancy Musings we are going to be on the topic of SFPP. Say what? I can’t believe you’ve never heard of it! Strategic Fashion Planning in Pregnancy. (LOL, just invented it). This is when you strategically make fashion choices that are bump-friendly waaaaay before you even start multiplying. Sometimes this happens consciously, sometimes not – as in my case. I was very fortunate because it turns I love very loose, carefree styles – so my wardrobe is full of free spirited boho-style items like this top I am wearing + other similar items such as oversized (stylish) ponchos, shirt dresses etc. And not only that, even when shopping ‘tight’, make sure you get items that are stretchy enough to accomodate all seasons like bodycon dresses – ensure they are ones that can work in pregnancy (as opposed to the type you can’t breathe in). Otherwise, for all you with non-bump friendly apparel, I found the following items can be your bff when baby bumping. 1. Structured / well-constructed jackets / blazers. They are the best at honing that body together and giving you a streamlined ‘put together’ look  2. Loose colourful beach type throw-ons. It doesn’t matter what season you are pregnant in, if it’s roomy enough – you can put a thermal inside and still get that vibrant beachy look in winter – #WINNING.  3. Scarves – The light, not so bulky ones. These can solve any ensemble problem my friend. Just casually throw one on (on the run, with a pair of oversized sunnies)  and the world is a much better place, once again. Yes, it can cover a multitude of (fashion) sins you don’t have time to fix like a shirt that doesn’t button up anymore ;p  4. A hairstyle that’s slamming but low maintenance, and can easily be ‘bunned’ up. Look, the reality of the situation is; most days you just won’t feel like / have time to do your hair – and nothing ‘cleans’ you up faster than a good old trendy bun. And all the chic bunheads say..AMEN! Braids are good, or if you have long hair you can get away with putting it into a bun when you are in a hurry (i.e no combing/brushing). Yeah, you been there too, so don’t judge me.  5. Cute flats and converse shoes – These will come in handy when you are running for the train hahaha! But on the real, there’ll come a point when heels are your enemy and you don’t want to be that girl wearing the same pair of ugly sandals everyday. 6. I’d say maxi dresses, but nah… that’s an obvious non-creative choice; a modern day revamp of that notorious pregnancy tent dress. So instead, opt for creativity. This will set you apart and have you enjoying your pregnancy style more than many.


…and just like any great rhapsody, our boho chic fantasy is  made up of a killer bohemian top, matching aviators, a cool grandpa hat, and a fancy fan to shoo the paparazzi helicopters away. As we all know, no fantasy would be complete without a nice lounging chair on a private beach, right?… Shop the look below, and learn more bump time tips and trix on our Pregnancy Musings category + see more of our pregnancy style photoshoots here: Glama Mama.

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Model: Miranda  //  Photography & Artwork:  //  Creative Direction & Styling:

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