boho BEACH

TOP-FASHION-BLOGGERS-AUSTRALIA-2016-copyright-4Do you have those days when you are in a foreign land where no one knows who you are (at least you hope), and you just feel like dressing like a crazy rainbow? I do, more often than not hehehe. As can clearly be seen in this shoot. Word of advice – those quiet beaches are the best spot to test out ‘your crazy’… if you are still unsure. The pink and teal seemed a bit too ‘normal person’ for me and I just had to sprinkle some madness via accessories (don’t even ask). I even had a dangling feather headband that I’d never worn before… and on the headgear it went. Yes, it felt pretty unreal, thanks for asking, I had unleashed my alter ego LOL, or at least one of them. How do you incorporate crazy into your daily style? ( I reckon it’s an essential element to life…)

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Model: Miranda    //    Photography: Andrew Kibuka (    //    Styling: Miranda (    //   boho BEACHsakhino signature