Body Conned…?

Of late, the ‘bodycon’ silhouette has been a huge trend. Short for ‘Body Conscious’ these are super-tight bandage styles (hmmm… no room to hide). Truth be told – the thought of tight, ‘spray on’ dresses definitely inspires fear in most women, and I was one of them.

That was until I laid eyes on this number. I must say, with this beautiful dress from Octavia and Grace it was love at first sight. The print and the colour combination was absolutely gorgeous, enough to inspire me to look fear in the eye, and jump onto the ‘spray on’ wagon!  and YES, I felt quite liberated afterwards 😉

Most importantly, it complied with the SA’KHINO rule of thumb i.e if it’s extra short and extra tight, it has to be extra closed at the top. Just to keep things classy, that’s all.

…and y’all know it wouldn’t have been right if I didn’t pose the living daylights out of this baby… 😉

If you have been inspired to be brave like me, this little number (and more) can be found at Octavia and Grace... and I can assure you, this trend is not a con after all ;).

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